14/07/17 to 07/08/17 (24 days)

if you like the rainforest this sit is for you!

if you like the rainforest this sit is for you!
Kuranda, QLD

We have 2 dogs, a Great Dane/Mastiff cross and a pointer/heeler cross, both who get big (about 1 hour) walks in the bush nearby every day, as well as 6 lorikeets and 2 eclectus parrots. The walks in the forest are marked with flagging tapes so there is no concern about getting lost. Our house is in the rain forest near Cairns (about 40 minutes by car) . Gardens normally need little work during the wetter months but the veranda plants need some watering and general simple care, Shopping is close by.

About the house sit

I need you to mind my:

  • Dog
  • and birds

Details about the house

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Our animals are always much happier when they can stay in their own home and our house is much happier with someone, too
  • beautiful, green and peaceful
Kuranda, QLD
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