8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a House Sit

Make your house sitter feel welcome

Your house sitter will have a lot of responsibility and work to do around your home, so the least you can do is make their stay comfortable and pleasant. You can do that by making space for them in your home. Leave out clean sheets and towels in the guest room they can use, make space in the closet for their clothes and clean out a shelf in the fridge and pantry for their food.

Define limits

If you want to keep your master bedroom or kids’ rooms off-limits to your sitter, that’s perfectly fine. However, remember to inform the sitter about your decision and they will certainly respect your limits.

Leave emergency contacts

This is one of the most important things. Make sure to give your house sitter a list of people and services they can contact in any case of emergency. Also, leave a number of your trusted friend or neighbour that knows a lot about your house and can answer any questions if you can’t be reached. Additionally, leave a number of the hotel where you’re staying, in case you leave your personal cell in the room or you run out for battery. Leave all these contacts in one folder together with any other instructions. A professional house sitter will usually know what to do even before you leave your instructions, but they won’t be able to remember your special requests. That’s why having a printed version of all your requirements will help both you and your sitter. 

Do a quick clean-up 

Don’t let your house sitter come into a dirty home. Instead, make sure your home is tidy and clean. Pay special attention to your bathroom since it’s very important to keep it hygienic. Make sure your bathtubs are clean (your sitter will want to take a bath after they arrive), your showers are working and everything smells fresh and clean. When your house sitter sees how clean everything is, they’ll know in what state to leave the house.

Provide them with the utility information

It’s very important for your sitter to have your account info for gas, water, internet, electricity and security system. These can come in very handy in case of an outage or any other issue. You can also show them where all the major systems are located in your home and explain if you have any reoccurring problems and how to handle them.

Leave money for bills and hired help

If you expect your house sitter to pay bills and hired help (maid, gardener...), make sure to leave them enough money. If you’re uncomfortable leaving a large sum of money, you can always arrange to have funds sent to your home occasionally. Most pro sitters will write every expense down and leave a copy for you, but you can ask for this upfront if you’re worried. 

Explain everything about your pets 

House sitters who will be taking care of pets need to be left an appropriate amount of food, medication and other supplies. Otherwise, you need to provide money for replenishing them. Also, make sure to leave detailed instructions about their diet, medication, exercise, behavioural issues and health conditions, as well as an emergency vet contact.

Leave spare keys

Last but not least, make sure to leave a set of spare keys with your friends or neighbours, and inform the sitter where the spare set will be.

This checklist will certainly help you get your home ready for the house sitter and ensure you have a carefree trip knowing your home is safe and sound