Home Decor Trends: Small Changes for a Big Impact

Thinking about tearing down a wall and expanding your bedroom to an en suite? Put the hammer down and relax for a second. You don’t need a complete remodeling in order to upgrade your home style. You could just follow these simple tips and create a functional, stylish and stress-free home.

Nope, sometimes even the smallest of changes to your interior decor can make the biggest impact and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the setting to a completely new level. Let’s take it room by room and see how tiny changes can completely transform your loving home.

Let’s start with the kids’ room

Children don’t have much of an attention span, do they? Nor are they too keen on admiring the same old thing for too long, so naturally, what was once a Star Wars themed bedroom will soon have to become something completely different. That’s just how kids roll.

A great way to keep them occupied is to make the room interesting and stimulating itself, so rather than going for a single theme, try to dedicate certain areas to certain activities. These can be anything from a reading nook, to a game area, to a DIY workstation, to a secluded cove where they can dream up new worlds and let their imagination run free.

Over to the office

Now that the kids are occupied with their new bedroom, you can begin to rejuvenate your home office one trinket at a time. First, you want to optimize your office for pure comfort and productivity. So a decluttering session is in order.

Next, you want to introduce some positive energy by placing greenery around the office and putting up new window treatments that won’t obstruct the flow of light but are stylish as well. Finally, think about your workstation. It should boast a fine synergy of work and play material, in order to make work fun and interesting even when you don’t feel all that productive.

And into the living room

There are numerous decor options to choose from when it comes to rejuvenating the living room, although it has to be something every member of the family will enjoy, even the dog. One of the more popular design trends is the semi-monochromatic approach, entailing black and white colors with warm accents spaced throughout the living room.

Think cozy, intimate, and fun. With a predominantly neutral design, you can decorate the room with textured throws and pillows, sheepskin over the couch, and warm complementary rugs. These pieces will not only make the living room feel friendly and cozy, but they will bring a dash of personality in as well.

What about the bedroom?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to start tearing down the walls, you simply need a few smart additions in order to make your bedroom feel comfortable and serene. Start by sprucing up your sleeping area and look for some quality bed base and mattress where you can find a piece with memory foam and a breathable underlay to help you sleep like a baby again.

Next, you want to give the walls some love by hanging inspirational art pieces around the room. These can be anything from quote art, framed photography to abstract art, you name it. Finally, you can update the lighting in the room by introducing programmable lights, allowing you to change the mood and the ambiance as you please. Don’t forget to choose beautiful full-length curtains to add a touch of elegance.

Don’t forget the bathroom

Finally, the bathroom is supposed to be a place of peace, positivity, and serenity – a personal oasis shielding you from the troubles of the outside world. To that end, don’t be afraid to experiment with potted greenery in the corners, and colorful flower arrangements on the vanity and the windowsills, and on a side table next to the bathtub.

You can also introduce a free-standing mirror across the bath to make the room feel more spacious, open, and free. Consider introducing more natural elements as well, such as a wooden vanity, wooden window treatments, and even vinyl wooden flooring to make the bathroom feel warm and inviting.

Making a big impact in your home shouldn’t imply large-scale construction work, but rather a subtle approach entailing a few carefully selected pieces. Be sure to follow these timeless decor tips, and you will have no problem rejuvenating the look and feel of your home in no time.


About the author:

Chloe is an interior design consultant and she enjoys writing about home decor, remodeling and organizing. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.