How retirees are saving tens of thousands of dollars every year – and travelling 365 days a year

How? As housesitters, they have been caring for the pets of other travel lovers and staying in their homes for free.


“We started to housesit roughly 12 months ago when we sold our home with the intention of building another,” says Colleen.


"Like so many projects, this was held up, so we decided to housesit as a cheaper alternative and a way to explore Victoria without having to pay rent and costly accommodation fees.!”


With the cheapest caravan park accommodation available for $25 a night, they are bucking the trend of the grey nomads saddling up in their Winnebago to see Australia, and saving tens of thousands of dollars each year.


“Websites like Your Home My Home are the perfect vehicle for finding homeowners looking for housesitters to take care of their houses and pets while they holiday.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”


“Over our journey, we’ve housesat in Swan Hill, Trentham, Musk, Coomoora, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Richmond, Geelong, Pakenham, Richmond, Mount Helen and Maldon,” Colleen says.

“We’ve gotten to know places in own home state that we had never even been to before – and all for free!


“What we love most is really immersing ourselves in a new suburb – discovering new places, little cafes and restaurants and meeting interesting locals. 


“Even mundane chores like grocery shopping becomes an exciting adventure in a new area!,” she said.  


Colleen and Wylie are part of the growing movement of housesitters, making a profession out of travelling for free. Your Home My Home, Australia’s newest housesitting website, had over 1000 new sitters register last month alone.


“Our plan is to continue doing so for a few more years in Victoria and then go interstate and eventually overseas.”


Swapping hotels for houses has more benefits than just saving money.


“Travelling is all about the experiences you have, and it’s far more interesting than travelling in a generic hotel.  

We’ve inspired our family and friends to consider travelling this way; they’re often amazed to hear about the new and interesting places that we’ve stayed.”


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