Building a Home: 5 Things to Consider Before You Get Started

Building a new home is one of the most important things you can do. It’s quite logical then that the experience is both exciting and scary. After all, you want your new home to fit your needs perfectly, and do-overs are difficult and expensive. That’s why you should think long and hard about what you want before you start. This is one of the enterprises in your life that you should definitely plan ahead in great detail. If you don’t even know where to start, take a look at this useful advice.

Put everything on paper

The first step before you even start with the project is to try to assess your needs and budget as accurately as you can. Try to be realistic about the number of rooms and features that you need. Compare the price and later cost compared to how much you will be using a certain room. For instance, maybe you think a conservatory looks really cool. But would it be used often enough to justify its cost? Take into account the way you live, and the changes that might happen in your life in the near future. Are you trying for more children? Then it’s probably wise to take that into account when you are planning the number of rooms. Do you enjoy having guests over? Or maybe you like to travel, and will be hiring a house sitter fairly often? By all means, incorporate a guest bedroom into your plans.

Find experts you trust

The worst thing you can do when building a home is rush things. Take your time and shop around for everything, including the people who will be responsible for translating your vision into reality. Try to find your ideal architect from Melbourne, someone who will be patient and listen to all of your wishes and requirements. When it comes to builders, word of mouth recommendations are often your most reliable indication of quality work. Nothing speaks about someone’s expertise like satisfied clients. Always remember to write down any negotiations, added or reduced features and changes.

Think green

Do something for both your wallet and the environment. Green solutions are very popular nowadays, and with good reason. Renewable energy sources are particularly popular. Solar panels are having a moment, since their prices have gone down and their efficiency has surged. Investments such as this can help save you plenty of money down the line. Taking energy efficiency into account while building is also great for both the planet and your budget.

Be careful when buying a lot

Some lots may sound amazing on paper, especially if they are cheap. However, be careful. If the price seems unreasonably low, there’s probably a catch. There could be problems obtaining a building license, or perhaps the area is a potential mudslide. There could be dozens of hidden reasons. It’s very rare that you find a true bargain.

Know where to save and where to splurge

Knowing where to invest and where to cut down on the costs will leave you with a quality home for a fair price. That’s the ultimate goal of any building project: to get the best possible home for a reasonable price. It’s always wise to invest in quality materials, such as the best bricks, good insulation, quality windows and tiles. The home is supposed to last you for decades to come, and provide you with top-level comfort when it comes to everyday living. Splurging on quality materials will also save you money in the long run, in the form of fewer repairs and lower heating and cooling bills for instance. If you need to cut down on costs to stay within your budget, reconsider frills, ornamental features, or luxurious additions such as a spa bathroom.

The change from renting to owning your own home is one of the most exciting life changes you will experience. Devote the necessary time and attention to the project, and you will enjoy the results for years to come.

About the author:

Chloe is an art historian and recreational ballet dancer. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator.