How House Sitting Can Land You Bono As A Neighbour

We are Brittnay & Jayden The Travelling House Sitters, a professional house sitting couple from Australian and New Zealand respectively. We met in the Australian Alps and quickly discovered each other's passion for travel. We were eyeing off South America as our next trip. However,  one snowy Sunday afternoon we came across flights to London for $300 AUD ($220 USD). The next thing we knew we were booked and were applying for our UK visa.


Two wild and exciting years in London quickly followed. We had managed to visit over 21 countries in Europe and Africa in that time and not ready to stop. Our visa’s expiry date quickly approaching. We scrambled, not quite ready to head home, we decided that Dublin would be our next destination.


What we didn't realise was Dublin is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe. When we looked into rental properties, we were shocked. It was a minimum of €1200 for a room in a share house. Our recent house sitting came to mind, we could try that there. After lots of research and applying, we landed first sit via Skype.

Fast forward another four months and we have completed four house sits and saved ourselves over €4000 in the process. We put together some of our favourite house sits below. We want everyone to see the great adventures, knowledge and relationships you can gain from house sitting.

The House Overlooking Finsbury Park


Our very first house sits, we were bloody nervous. However, this wasn't in another country or even in another city. We managed to land a house sit about 5 km from our current home in London. We would be spending Christmas and NYE looking after a gorgeous little kitten name Arya in Finsbury Park.

This apartment was lovely, we had endured years of being stuck in typical English semi-detached house, with lots of stairs, pokey little corners and strange roommates. We had an open plan apartment to ourselves, it was modern and had a kitchen that would even make a chef jealous. This wasn't even the best part, we had views from the bedroom, lounge and even the kitchen over the gorgeous Finsbury Park.

It was all going well however, Arya took a while to win over. For the first few days, she would spend her time watching us from behind the Christmas tree. After a few conversations with the owners, we realised we were pronouncing her name totally wrong. Neither of being us being Games of Thrones fans, we had never heard the unusual name before. After we correcting this we started to get a lot more attention.

After two weeks the owners were back, we weren't ready to leave our cosy new home, the views were so lovely, the tube was so close and we had a kitty to cuddle. However, that is nature of house sitting. We were addicted and straight home and on the computer to find the next.

House near the Bullocks Habour

Next we had somehow ended up in the most affluent suburb of Dublin. While we were still in London, we had a Skype conversation with a lovely Australian couple who were off to France for three weeks. The couple needed someone to look after their elderly lab Roxy and six-bedroom sprawling home. When we arrived and ushered through the big gates. We meet Roxy, the most relaxed dog in Dublin, who only required a walk up and down the driveway every second day.


With castles, beautiful harbours and beaches Killiney was a lovely area to live, we weren't surprised when we learnt that Bono lived just around the corner!


If you want to get involved we advise learning as much as you can as it is a big responsibility. Are you looking after someone's home and beloved furry family member. Here is a guide of how to become a house sitter and believe that this can help anyone get started. Who knows, you could land one in a beachfront villa in Bali, while the homeowners head home for Christmas or in a village in Austria looking the mountains from your quaint cottage.


As you can see house sitting has provided us with an amazing connection to Ireland. We have firm friendships and discovered places we would have never had the opportunity to stay. We would recommend it anyone who is looking for an adventure or would just love an animal to snuggle up with in the evenings.


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Brittnay is an Aussie and one half of The Travelling House Sitters. She has been living in London for the past two years and recently moved home to Melbourne. She has visited over 21 countries in Europe and Africa in that time. You can find all her adventures in housesitting and travels on The Travelling House Sitters. If you're interested in house sitting, she also has a guide on how to become a house sitter.